Empowering Children One Book at a Time

Our series explores some of the virtues, values, and experiences that help us grow as humans. Each book is a journey of discovery, watching the characters learn, understand, and choose the virtues and values that help them live with greater purpose and joy.

We hope these stories—and the activities that support them—will assist parents, guardians, grandparents, schools and churches as they strive to build strong families and humans.
Meet the Authors

Bob Sornson

Bob Sornson worked as a high school special education teacher and then as a county and district school administrator for more than 30 years.

He is the founder of the Early Learning Foundation, which offers training and support materials for parents and schools, primarily focusing on establishing healthy behavior patterns and early learning success during the PK to Grade 3 early childhood years.

Bob lives with his wife Nancy in Michigan and has four adult children (and some beautiful grandkids). He has performed training and keynotes in 48 states and several countries, and is the author of more than 20 books for educators, parents, and children.

Meet the Authors

Tonja Howard

Tonja Howard joined forces with the pioneers of the positive parenting movement early in her parenting journey.

She is a Positive Discipline Lead Trainer and Parenting Coach. She has also served on the Board of The Positive Discipline Association, which led her to spending countless hours in parenting groups, engaging with parents from diverse backgrounds. She became a mentor in "connected parenting" and continues to work in the parenting arena.

Tonja lives with her husband, Jason, they have two teenage daughters, three dogs and two horses. They split their time between Arizona and Idaho and love to travel.