Problem Solve Together As A Family

Working together as a family to solve problems can be very effective and strengthen family bonds as well as give the child an opportunity to problem solve. When you find solutions together as a family you both become accountable to one another and reach a solution for everyone involved. Some steps to problem solve are: 

  1. Identify The Problem – Clearly define the issue at hand, making sure everyone understands what the problem is.
  2. Open Communication – Encourage all family members to express their thoughts and feelings about the problem in a safe and nonjudgmental space. Active listening is important during this step.
  3. Brainstorm Solutions Together – Have a brainstorming session to generate potential solutions. Encourage outside of the box thinking and creativity, reminding everyone to keep an open mind.
  4. Evaluate Solutions – Discuss the pros and cons of each solution. Consider how they may impact each family member and the overall dynamics of the family.
  5. Choose a Solution Together – After evaluating the options, select a solution that seems to be the most appropriate and agreed upon by the majority.
  6. Create a Plan Together – Develop an action plan or steps to implement the chosen solution. Assign tasks or ask for volunteers for each task, and clearly define what everyone’s responsibilities are.
  7. Implement the Plan – Put the plan into action and patiently and flexibly wait as it unfolds.
  8. Review and Adjust – Leave space for adjustments and reviews as necessary. Family meetings can help with this.
  9. Celebrate Success – Celebrate!!!! When the problem is resolved, celebrate your family’s success together and express appreciation for everyone’s efforts and involvement.
  10. Learn from Mistakes and Experiences – Use the Problem-Solving Process as an opportunity to learn from the mistakes made along the way or for opportunities to to improve communication and relationships. 

Remember that every family is unique, and the way you problem solve may vary based on your family’s dynamics and nature of the issue at hand. Open and respectful communication, as well as mutual respect is key to a successful problem-solving family. 

May you be one step closer to creating the connection you want.