Gratitude in Action

Gratitude is something that can transform our lives in many ways. When we teach our children to practice it, we are training them to focus on the positive and develop a strong sense of well-being.

When our children learn to find appreciation in the small things, they will realize that simple acts can indeed make a big difference in the lives of others.

So how do we teach the younger generation to actually put gratitude into ACTION? 

We can use it as a motivator in applying positive actions towards other people or things.

Here are 4 ways to encourage children to put gratitude into practice:

Volunteer in the community: Encouraging them to volunteer can help them develop a sense of social responsibility, experience empathy towards others and become even more grateful for what they have in their own lives. Volunteering can also provide opportunities to learn new skills and make new friends.

Perform random acts of kindness: Inspiring them to perform random acts of kindness, such as holding the door open for someone or offering to help someone out with their groceries, can help them learn to receive gratitude from others. 

Practice appreciation for nature: Motivating them to practice gratitude for the earth can help them develop a sense of environmental responsibility and stewardship. Teaching them to appreciate the beauty and wonder of nature can inspire them to take action to protect it.

Spread positivity: This one might be my favorite. Encouraging children to spread positivity through their words and actions can have such a powerful impact. I recently wrote about this in the book Grumpy or Grateful, where the main character gains the gift of seeing things in a positive light. Click here to view the book. 

As parents and educators, we can help children develop a habit of gratitude in action, while at the same time learning to become active and engaged members of their communities!