3 Ways to Encourage Determination With Your Family

Building the virtue of DETERMINATION in our children is so very important in setting them up for future success. If you are looking for ways to instill this virtue in your family, 👨‍👩‍👦 Try one of these:

🧩 Start an ongoing family puzzle: set aside a spot in your home for an ongoing family jigsaw puzzle. Choose one that will require a lot of time and determination. Decide as a family a fun reward for once the puzzle has been completed. Work together to achieve the long-term goal, and enjoy the reward together at the end.

👏 Applaud effort more than outcome: Make a conscious EFFORT to applaud EFFORT. Your children will begin to receive positive outcomes when they try their best, and this will naturally build their skills in the area of determination.

🙈 Become more "hands off" in certain areas: This may be hard for some of us, but by empowering our children more in simple areas, we can actually build determination skill sets for them. Next time they are struggling with their jacket zipper, try letting them wrestle with it a bit before hopping in to help. If they struggle to open a wrapper or a jar, encourage them to try again a few more times before you intervene.

Small steps can go a LONG way!!

What are some ways that you can think of to practice determination at home?