3 Ways to Practice Confidence With Your Family

Building the virtue of confidence in our children is SO very important, especially given the digital world we live in where comparison is everywhere. If you are looking for ways to practice this as a family πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘¦ Try one of these:

🎀️ "Family-Idol" night: set aside a family night and think "American Idol, family-style!". Challenge each family member to "get on stage" and perform. It is amazing what "performing" can do to raise confident levels!

😎 Start a confidence jar: One for yourself and one for each child, encouraging them to decorate theirs! Inspire and model for your kids, writing qualities that they are proud of on small pieces of paper and placing them in the jar. Doing this for themselves will allow them to feel good about the virtues and values that they work hard to uphold. Encourage other family members to place notes in the jars of others, also!

❓ Ask the kids for their opinion: Kids LOVE the idea of feeling empowered and valued, which in turn is a great confidence booster. Make it a habit to ask them their opinion more often! Some ideas:

➑️Ask them to help you choose between two outfits you are thinking of wearing.

➑️Ask them to come up with ideas on what to eat for dinner or what to do for family night.

➑️Ask them their opinion on various things that come up! The more they have the opportunity to weigh in, the more confident they will be. πŸ’•

What are some ways that you practice confidence at home?