3 Ways to Encourage Respect With Your Family


WHY is it important to instill the value of RESPECT within our families? Think about: It’s almost impossible to trust someone who doesn’t respect you, your time, or your values. We want our children (and ourselves) to be viewed as trustworthy, therefore making sure that RESPECT is an honored value in our lives is vital!

Looking for fun ways to practice respect as a family? 👨‍👩‍👦 Try one of these:

1. Respect "show and tell": Have each member of the family find a photo or item representing something that they respect. Take turns presenting them to the family, talking about WHY they respect this person or thing, and what kind of an impact they have.

2. "Respect on the spot" game: Just like charades! In a hat or a basket, have the judge write out scenarios on pieces of paper that could challenge us in the respect department (i.e., "Someone cuts in front of you in line while waiting for your favorite ride at an amusement park" or "Your best friend embarrasses you at school"). Take turns drawing on a piece of paper and acting out how you can handle the situation with respect and then explaining why it is important to do so.

3. Start a Respect Jar: when you catch your child in an act of respect, make note of it! Together, write it down and place it in a jar. Go back from time to time and read them together.

What are some fun ideas that you have for practicing respect at home? I would love to hear about them!