3 Ways to Encourage Patience With Your Family

Patience is something we all can use a bit more of, right?
Try these 3 ideas with your family to help put patience into practice:

🌶 Food Challenges: Practicing patience with your family through cooking can be both a rewarding and educational experience. Here are a few food items that require long wait times and can serve as excellent patience-building exercises:

1. Sourdough Bread Starter and Sourdough Bread
2. Kimchi
3. Homemade Pickles
4. Fermented Hot Sauce
5. Aged Cheese (like homemade ricotta or mozzarella that you age further)

🧩 Ongoing jigsaw puzzle:
Put your family on an ongoing mission to work together to complete a jigsaw puzzle. Encourage patience as you slowly work towards achieving the goal of completing the puzzle. Plan something fun to do to celebrate once the puzzle is complete.

🌱 Gardening: Plant a garden together and nurture it over time. Teach children the value of patience as they wait for seeds to sprout, plants to grow, and flowers to bloom. Gardening provides opportunities for learning and practicing patience while connecting with nature.