3 Ways to Encourage Confidence With Your Family


Building the virtue of CONFIDENCE in our children is SO very important in the digital world we live in. We want our children to be proud of their own lives, goals and achievements, versus the alternative of envying those of others. Looking for some unique ways to practice this as a family? 👨‍👩‍👦 Try one of these:

1. "Family-Idol" night: set aside a family night and think "American Idol, family-style!". Challenge each family member to "get on stage" and perform. It is amazing what "performing" can do to raise confidence levels!

2. Start a confidence jar: Try starting a "confidence jar" for each child (ask them to decorate it!). Encourage your kids to add qualities that they are proud of on small pieces of paper and place them in the jar. Doing this for themselves will allow them to feel good about the virtues and values that they work hard to uphold. Encourage other family members to place notes in the jars of others, also!

3. Ask for advice from the kids: Kids LOVE the idea of sharing their input, and being welcomed to do that is a great confidence booster. Try asking them for their opinions and to weigh in more often! Here are some ideas:

➡️Ask them to choose between two outfits you are thinking of wearing.
➡️Ask them to decide what's for dinner.
➡️Ask them their advice on something that you are dealing with that is age appropriate.

Teaching our children to walk through life with their heads held high is such a gift.