3 Ways to Encourage Caring With Your Family


The act of CARING is to display kindness and concern for others. When we teach our children the true value of caring, they will not only learn to care for others, but how to receive it for themselves.

Here are 3 fun ways to practice CARING at home:

1. Family Volunteer Day: Dedicate a day each month to volunteer as a family. Whether it's serving meals at a homeless shelter, cleaning up a local park, or visiting a nursing home, volunteering together reinforces the value of caring for others.

2. Create "Care" Packages: Work together as a family to assemble care packages, not just for those in need, but for people we appreciate. Teachers, doctors, even our favorite clerk at the grocery store. Include handwritten notes of appreciation.

3. Random Acts of Kindness: Challenge each family member to perform one random act of kindness each day. It could be as simple as making a sibling's bed, helping with chores without being asked, or giving someone a compliment.